Call for Papers: NUALS’ Seminar on Law & Policy on Fisheries; Register by Feb 20

The Centre for Law and Agriculture (CLA), established at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) in the year 2011, is an attempt to respond to the need for legal scholarship in the areas of agriculture, food, fisheries and animal husbandry.

With its commitment to interdisciplinary study and bridge-building between legal academia and the domains of agriculture, food, fisheries and animal husbandry, the Centre aspires to be an incubator for new approaches to how law can best address the complex and cross-cutting issues in these areas.

The Centre is organising a National Seminar on “Law and Policy on Fisheries Conservation and Management: Issues and Challenges” at NUALS Campus, Kalamassery on 4 and 5 March 2013

The national seminar which is proposed to be held on 4th and 5th March 2013 will involve a series of intellectually enriching deliberations ranging across diverse topics of relevance based on the general theme of the seminar.

There will be three technical sessions:

(1) International, Regional and Comparative Perspectives on Fisheries Conservation and Management;

(2)Indian Law and Policy on Fisheries Conservation and Management with Special Reference to Marine Fisheries and

(3) Indian Law and Policy on Fisheries Conservation and Management with Special Reference to Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture. The three technical sessions will be held on 4th and 5th March 2013.


Participation in the seminar is open to academics, lawyers, policymakers, students, researchers, representatives of government departments, members of civil society, advocacy groups, fishermen, representatives of fishermen’s organisations and other stakeholders from the fisheries sector.

There is no registration fee for participants. However participation shall be limited to those who formally register on or before 20th February 2012. Interested persons are required to fill in the Registration Form [Available in the NUALS Website –] and e-mail the registration form to before 20 February 2013.

Participants shall make their own arrangements in respect of accommodation.

Participation is open to all individuals irrespective of whether they are presenting a paper at seminar or not. All individuals participating in the Seminar will be issued a ‘Participation Certificate’.

Authors whose papers are selected for presentation and who thereby get an opportunity to present papers at the seminar will be issued a ‘Certificate Regarding Paper Presentation’.

Call for Papers

The organisers solicit well researched and innovative papers for presentation at the seminar. The selection of papers is highly competitive and there are limited slots for presentation.

  • The papers may also be jointly authored [Limited to a maximum of two authors].
  • The research papers should have a minimum of 3000 words. It must be typed in
  • Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1” margin on all sides with 1.5 line spacing.
  • The paper should be paginated. Incorporate headings as well as sub-headings wherever necessary.
  • Footnotes must be sequential and may appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Bibliographies or Reference Lists are welcome but not compulsory.
  • Any citation format may be used. However authors shall use a uniform citation format.
  • The papers shall be e-mailed to on or before 23 February 2013.
  • The author shall mention his name, affiliation, postal address, mobile number as well as e-mail address in the communication.
  • The author shall also indicate the particular thematic session to which the paper relates.
  • The list of selected papers will be published in NUALS Website on 27 February 2013.

Full details are here.

Registration form is here.



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