Call for Papers: Nirma Insitute of Law’s Vision 2020: Future of Law and Legal Transformation; Submit by Dec 31

3rd National Conference “Vision 2020: Future of Law and Legal Transformation” Date : 24th and 25th January,2013

The Institute of Law Nirma University is going to conduct its 3rd National Conference on the theme of  “Vision 2020 : Future of Law and Legal Transformation”, which is scheduled to be held on 24th -25th January, 2013.

As the Vision 2020 put before the world, the colossal area that law has to serve the societal need in better manner.

This conference aims to fill the voids and lacuna that the area of Law is facing in the present time, the reforms required to upgrade the society, to lead the world with more flexible and favorable approach.

In order to discuss the emerging areas, the Institute presents a platform to legal and social fraternity to present their vision of law 2020.

Important dates:

Abstract submission : 31st December, 2012 (Abstract shall not be of more than 500 words)
Intimation for selection : 05th January, 2013
Full paper submission : 15th January, 2013

Registration fee:

Faculty, Lawyers and social activist etc. – 1500/- Rs. Per person
Students and Research Scholars – 750/- Rs. Per person


Justice with the wheels of technology :

· Use of ICT in Judicial Reforms

· Future of Case flow management

· New roles in litigation support, e-discovery and trial technology

· Videoconferencing, e-trial (e-court), and court in camera

· Computer Forensics and Law

Alternative approach to dispensation of justice:

· Future Litigation Process – directing litigants to mediation alternatives

· Alternate dispute Resolution in the new millennium

· New alternative Billing Models in Legal Industry

· Future Directions of Legal Harmonization and Law reform

· Rise of Supranational Organizations and its impact on Law making process

Challenges and opportunities of legal services (industry)

· Emerging workforce dynamics and challenges in the legal industry

· Impact of social networking on law practice in the next decade

· Boutique Law Firms – Future of Legal Profession

· Rise of Ad hoc, networked providers of legal service

· Workplace flexibility and Law firm Environment

· Virtual Law Firms

· Accountability of an advocate

Next wave of social issue

· Social Justice for Future Generations

· Legislation and Regulation – Diminishing sphere of Individual Freedom

· Anti Cartel enforcement – awareness and outreach

· Legalization of live in relation

· Reformation in sexual offences

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