Editorial board of the MATS University Law Journal [ISSN: 2250-3889] is inviting articles / comments / book review form the author/writer for Dec, 2017 issue [Volume 1, Issue 2].

The write up can be sent under the following categories:

Segment 1 – Special Articles:

Any topic relating to law and policy

Minimum Length (6000 words including footnotes).

Segment 2 – Law of the future:

Any new Bill introduced relating to law and its research.

Minimum Length (3000 words including footnotes).

Segment 3 – Book Reviews/Comments:

Any new/revised book launched relating to law and policy.

Minimum Length (1200 words including footnotes).

Co-Authorship: Co-Authorship is allowed up to two authors.

Write up particularly preferred by the Chief Editor shall also be published.


31st March, 2017

Submission Procedure

The write up must reach through e-mail to mlseditor@rediffmail.com


Email: sugatom@matsuniversity.ac.in and mlseditor@rediffmail.com

Method of Citation

All the submissions must adhere to Bluebook (20th Edition)– A Uniform Mode of Citation


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