International Association of Scientists and Researchers (IASR) has established “Xournals” which is a broad open access source for high quality peer reviewed journals in various fields that covers all disciplines of  Science & Law and Judiciary.

IASR invites you to submit your paper for possible inclusion in a special issue of “Academic Journal of Law and Judiciary” in August 2017.

The Special Issue of the journal welcome articles, papers, reviews, manuscripts etc. in numerous disciplines of Law and Judiciary and thereby provides a platform to the researchers and practitioners to share their new ideas of research and development.

Subject Category- Law and Judiciary

Cover all branches of Law and Judiciary and its related disciplines

Paper Submission Deadline

25th July, 2017

Publication Charges: No Fee

Co-Authorship is allowed.

Submission Procedure

The papers or manuscripts are requested in MS Word format and to be submitted online  or through mail on [email protected] for the purpose of paper acceptance. All papers will be acknowledged and referred.

For detailed procedure of submission, click HERE.

Instruction for Authors

Click HERE, HERE and HERE.


International Association of Scientists and Researchers

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

For further details about journals, click HERE.

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