Call for Papers: Harvard Health and Human Rights Journal [Issue on TB & Right to Health]; Submit by Sep 30

Publication Details

Health and Human Rights Journal (accessible HERE) will publish a special issue in June 2016 on TB and the right to health.

Health and Human Rights Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal under the editorship of Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer.

It is published twice yearly by Harvard University Press, with new issues released in June and December.  There are no publication fees unless authors can draw on open access publication grants.

Paper Topics

Potential paper topics will focus specifically on TB and the right to health.

Topics might include, among others:

1. The individual rights and entitlements of people living with and vulnerable to TB.

2. The obligations of States and non-state actors under human rights law to respect, protect and fulfill rights, including through prevention measures, and diagnosis and treatment.

3. The role of human rights in promoting the availability, accessibility and acceptability of good quality testing and treatment for TB.

4. The impact of stigma and discrimination in the lives of people living with and vulnerable to TB.

5. The situation of key affected populations.

6. The State’s duty to protect against violations of human rights by non-state actors, such as pharmaceutical companies and private health providers.

Papers will demonstrate strong methodological approaches, high writing quality, robust analysis, and adherence to the topic.

Submission Details

1. Papers must be submitted by September 30, 2015, emailed to as a Word document.

2. Papers have a maximum word length of 7,000 words, including references.

3. To be considered, papers must focus on an aspect of TB from a human rights perspective.

For specific format details, please see Author Guidelines.


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