Call for Papers: Et Critique, 1st Edition [January 2017]: Submit by Sept 25; Pay Rs. 300 for Publication

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Society for Legal Reforms and Student Welfare is a non-governmental, private organization. The main aim of the organization is to eradicate loopholes and lacunae of law and policies prevalent in India. The way we have chosen to do it is by writing and petitioning the government through the appropriate channels.

We believe that we can do wonders through writing and research and hence we have chosen the peaceful way to create a rebellion and a moment so that no voice goes unheard and people should have equal say even in policy making through this way. We would like everyone reading this to help us and support us by involving themselves as we all want things to be different and we all seek change in the current system.

Of course we would like to quote here “If you want to change the world, Change yourself first” by doing this if we correct ourselves and we help and represent ourselves properly in the biggest democracy of the world we have to go through proper channels and recommend the changes to the proper concerned authorities hence for once they have to hear us and they have to work as we tell them to and not on their whims and fancies.

Its us who are powerful not them. Further we aim to work without any political affiliation or interference as by doing this we are trying to be highly unbiased and impartial as much as we can become. We would like to extend heartfelt thanks for supporting us in our cause it will motivate us to work hard and conquer our goals.

et Critique: The Journal

We all as individuals are limited by time and resources and at the same time we know if we get together we can do wonders. So we bring to you our journal “et Critique”. It is going to be the journal in which we will only be publishing the articles , essays or book reviews which are critiques in one way or another and is genuinely deserving to be put in front of the world.

Submission Guidelines
  • The Journal submission is open to everyone across the globe.
  • The Article/Papers/ Book reviews can be related to any legal/ Policy issues.
  • Only original Article/Papers/ Book review that have not been published or are not in consideration for publication in any other Journal should be mailed to
  • Plagiarism of any form shall result in disqualification.
  • No identification marks must be found in any part of the article hence kindly attach a separate word file as Cover page
  • The Article/Papers/ Book review must be Type written in English or if in other language kindly submit a translated copy of manuscript in English as well.
  • The Article/Papers/ Book review must be type-written
  • Heading : Font size 16 , Bold
  • Sub heading : Font Size 14, Bold
  • Main Content : 12 font size
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Line Spacing : 1.5 line space.
  • Margin : Left and Right : 1.25” Top and Bottom : 1”
  • Citation style : Any Uniform Style of Citation
  • The Article should not be more than 3500 words. (Word limit is exclusive of Footnotes)
  • The Paper should not be more than 8500 words. (Word limit is exclusive of Footnotes)
  • The Book Review should not be more than 2500 words. (Word limit is exclusive of Footnotes)
  • TheArticle/Papers/ Book review has to be submitted in MS-Word format.
  • There has to be no End Notes.
  • Co-authorship is permitted only for the purpose of writing research paper.
Important Dates

Abstract Submission: 25th September, 2016.

Abstract Confirmation: 30th September, 2016.

Submission of Paper: 20th October, 2016.

Confirmation of Selection by Review Panel: 25th October, 2016.

Payment Deadline: 17th November, 2016 (For Publication) & 20th November (For Hard Copy).

Release with ISBN/ISSN on 1st January, 2017.

Submission Procedure

All the matter has to be mailed to

The Subject line has to be ‘et Critique Submissions’.

The Name of File should be ‘Name of the author-Name of Article –et Critique Submissions’.

Publication Fee

There is a Fee of INR 300 (For Indian Residents) & US$ 15 (For Non-Indian Residents) for Publication as we are non-profit organisation for the purposes of printing of Certificates and Mailing Charges the same is being charged.


The journal is a quaterly journal with ISSN Number and , it will be published in the months of March, June, September and December. There is no fee which is charged by S.L.R.S.W for the publication and it will be an open source journal available on the internet.

If one needs to secure the Hard copy of it they can get the Printed Version of the same by paying 1300/- (For Indian Residents) and US $30 (For Non-Indian Residents). It will take at least a week to process your demand so from the date of demand so kindly inform us well before the time you need so that we can serve you in better way as we will print the journals on demand hence the charge has been levied for printing and mailing the same.


For further queries, kindly reach us at: +918370016740 or or for more information log on to the website.


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