The Aligarh Muslim University’s Law Society Review aims to provide an active forum that inspires academicians, researchers, students, and practitioners to express and share their experiences and ideas on socio-legal issues.

The Review welcomes well researched, quality contributions on contemporary and relevant issues in all areas of Law and related subjects for its forthcoming issue: AMU, Law Society Review: Volume I (2015-16).

Authors are invited to submit their articles to the Editor at the following e-mail id: editorlawsociety.amu@gmail.com for publication.

Submission Guidelines

1. All submissions (in hard copy and e-mail) must be accompanied by:

a. A covering letter with the name(s) of the author(s), official designation, institution/affiliation, the title of the paper and contact number.

b. A Certificate that the paper submitted is a piece of original research work and has not been copied or published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

c. An abstract of not more than 200 words.

2. Articles should be in English language only and in conformity with the mentioned rules for submission.

3. Electronic submissions (on email) should ideally be made in Word Format (.doc)/ (docx).

4. The main text must be in Times New Roman , Font Size 12 with 1.5 space and the citations should strictly conform to the rules in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th edition) or ILI citation.

This mode of citation must be strictly followed otherwise the paper shall not be considered for publication.

5. The word limit for articles is approximately 1500-2000 (including footnotes). Authors are requested to follow the word limit strictly, otherwise the submissions shall be rejected.

6. In case of references from websites, complete URL address, along with the last date of accessing the website should be mentioned.

7. Papers submissions to the Review shall be evaluated by the nominated Referees. A mere submission of a contribution shall not confer any claim for publication.

8. Editorial Board, A.M.U Law Society Review, reserves the right to take decision to publish the paper /articles or not.

9. Submission of a paper shall be taken to imply that it is an unpublished work and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

10. Papers /articles are to be submitted in duplicate. A soft copy of the article/paper should be sent along with two hard copies. Authors are requested to verify references and quotations before submitting the papers.

It is mandatory to submit both soft and hard copy. Hard copy is to be submitted to the following address.

Md. Tabish Eqbal, B.A.LL.B, (F), The Chief Editor, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh 202002.

11. Plagiarism of any kind is prohibited and Submissions is liable to be rejected.

12. The Journal shall be published with ISSN No. and a copy of journal as well as a certificate of publication shall be given to each selected author.

Important Dates

The last date for submissions of abstract is: 30th Oct, 2015

Communication of Acceptance of abstract: 5th Nov, 2015

Last date for final submission of full paper: 20th Nov, 2015

Communication of acceptance of full paper: 25th Nov, 2015

Last date of Registration: 30th Nov, 2015

Publication Charges

For Single Author: 1000 INR only

For Co-Authored Article: 1500 INR only (Maximum of two authors).

Further Details

Md.Tabish Eqbal,Chief Editor (07417304357)

Ali Faran Gulrez, Joint Editor (9897772129)


  1. Call for papers with the article of only 2000 words and that is also at 1000 bucks. Who will pay for this, and journal does not even have that much impact also. .!
    I think AMU should remove the price tag for publishing!!

  2. I visited this university five years before. It is really a dream place to study but I think the University is completely different after reading this call for paper. Why it is a paid one? Dont the University feels ashamed? How such unethical thing can be done in the University?

  3. What is this? I thought to send my paper for publication in this Journal but I cannot because it is a paid review. The impact factor of paid review is nil, zero. Why Aligarh Muslim University is publishing such a paid journal? Is the Faculty of Law unaware of the UGC norms?

  4. Excellent efforts. We are immensely proud to get an opportunity to send our articles/papers to such a great college. I am surprised to see that such a great institution like AMU is charging such a meagre nominal amount of just rs. 1000 per article/paper. I am registering myself and will want others too,to exploit such great opportunity.

    • Hahaha… Aligarh Muslim University is no doubt a great institution. In past It was Mecca of legal education but what this is actually. Has this things started happening in the AMU also? Monetary fight in Aligarh Muslim University.. I cannot believe this.

  5. call for abstract and that is for a paper. So what about the themes? Why would someone spent his money to get his paper edited by a Final year and Third year students. Edit the notification first.

  6. Sir, for what purpose someone would have to get his name registered before 30 november if he will send his paper? What if I send my paper but don’t pay 1000?

  7. A paid Review in India for the first time and that too in a Central University. Please verify from the University before sending your paper. It appears fake notification.

  8. First abstract in 200 words, that too for a paper. Isn’t it strange? Then, a payment of 1000 or 1500 for a paper in about 2000 words in a paid Review. And why registration deadline, is it a Conference and publication certificate? A complete nonsense it seems. First edit it properly Mr. Chief Editor and Joint Editor. Why anyone will pay such amount for a paid publication. Inaugural issue and that is paid one. Great.

    • Edit it properly? Where is the problem in editing? Maybe you meant ‘verify’? If yes, please note that we encourage law students to do the verification independently. Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth (money/resources/people) to do it ourselves. And of course, we believe that someone who’s devoting his/her time for any event/opportunity will do a basic check before starting out.

    • Actually,we are more concerned about the quality rather than quantity. we encourage short articles because it would easy to have peer review of the paper before communicating acceptance.

      • so great Azam. Peer review in a paid journal…hahaha and you are saying you are more concerned about the quality rather than quantity. It is indigestible Azam. I think the good researchers would prefer to donate this amount to the needy than paying it to you in the name of publication. Stop this bullshit Azam.


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