Call for Application: Nayi Dishayein Series: Rethinking Development [21-30 Dec, Registration Fee is Rs. 7500]: Apply by Nov 22

About the Program

Sambhaavnaa Institute has been organising the series called Nayi Dishayein for the last 5 years. More than 250 youth have engaged with this program which aims to encourage critical thinking on contemporary socio-economic-political issues.

The key focus of the 10 day workshop is to re-examine the current notion of ‘Development’ that pervades popular imagination and public policy.

The workshop through experiential sessions and collective dialogue on the structural causes of inequities in contemporary India and the linkages amongst these. The programs provides a window into the possibilities and challenges of transformative work and alternatives to ‘development’ – both at the grassroots and policy level.

Facilitators in past programs

Praveen Singh, Prakash Bhandari, Himanshu Kumar, Dunu Roy, Abha Bhaiyya, Alex Jensen, Ravi Chopra, Manshi Asher and others.

Program Methodology

Interactive lectures, group work and group discussions, film screenings, collective reflection, and most importantly, live experience sharing by activists are deployed in the program to deepen our understanding of pertinent issues. The program will be in English.

Who is the program for?

If you are “young” (Age: 20-26 years) and seeking answers to questions related to the above themes; or you are just figuring out how to frame the questions; or you are looking to understand the interconnections between different problems that you see around you; and if you want to reflect collectively, and creatively, welcome aboard!

Participant Contribution to the Program

Rs. 7500/- (Includes food, stay and program expenses at Sambhaavnaa Institute.

Need-based fee waivers are available.

Do not let your inability to pay be the reason for not applying.

However, the number of fee waivers we can offer are limited, so please apply for financial support only if you really need it. Do remember, there may be others who need it more than you!

Venue and Dates

Sambhaavnaa Institute, Village: Kandbari, Tehsil: Palampur, District: Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, PIN 176061; The program starts at 10 am on 21st December and ends at 5 pm on 30th December 2016.

For more information and questions

Phone: +91-889 422 7954, Email:

Application Procedure

Please fill the application form on the link below to apply for the workshop. Click HERE.

As a part of the application process you need to complete any ONE of the three exercises given below.

The findings of the exercise have to be shared in the application below. Any application without this will not be considered. Please note that we will not be assessing the exercise on language, grammar or presentation. We are just interested in your reflection (presented in any form you like) after actually having done the field exercise!


The last date for applications is 22nd November 2016.

Field Exercises

Field Exercise to be carried out and submitted by applications. Please choose any ONE of the three exercises given below:

Exercise 1: Locate one person in your neighbourhood who is an ‘unorganised sector worker’, and speak to her/him about their life and the nature of their work, wages, family, who else earns in his/her family, the conditions his/her family lives in etc.

What is the social background in terms of caste, region, class that the person belongs to? What is their as well as your own reflection on their life and working conditions and if and/or how it could be changed? Share your reflections and observations in not more than 750 words.


Exercise 2: Follow the garbage trail from your place of residence, to the final place that it rests. Locate one person in the life-cycle who manages your garbage, and speak to them about the nature of their work, their wages, their family and who else earns in their family, the conditions their family lives in etc.

What is their as well as your own reflection on their life and working conditions and if and/or how it could be changed? Share your reflections and observations in not more than 750 words.


Exercise 3: Visit a government school in your neighbourhood. Interview some students about their experience at school and get their views on the education system. Observe the working conditions, the general infrastructure, and the general atmosphere in the school.

Do a comparison with the kind of school you attended. What do you think ails ‘education’ today and what could be done to change things around? Share your reflections and observations in not more than 750 words.


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