Internship Experience @ Breakthrough NGO, Lucknow: Work on Domestic Violence Issues, Bell Bajao Campaign

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Ayush Srivastava; National Law University, Jodhpur; II year;

Name of Organisation, Location (city), Team Strength

BreakThrough; Lucknow; 15-20

See the website here.

Application Process

I got the internship through personal contact.

But you can contact on this mail or conatct on this phone no. for internship 9415764037.

Duration of internship and timings

4 weeks.

Timings depended on the type of work on that day.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first impression was good. No formalities as such. Office was good enough.

Main tasks

The main task for me was to research on the current issues going on in the field of Women rights etc. (as the NGO primarily deals with issue of Domestic Violence and the famous “Bell Bajao” Campaign against domestic violence is theirs) and to attend seminars and other things being organised by the NGO in collaboration with other organisations.

Work environment and people

People are very helpful and the work environment is very nice as no such pressure is there from the seniors.

Best things

You would get to attend a lot of seminars (at least I got to) on a very sensitive topic of Domestic Violence.

I was able to attend one such seminar on the “Women’s Reservation Bill” which was organised in association with many reputed NGO’s working in the field of Women’s Rights.

It was presided over by famous social worker ‘Shabnam Hashmi’. I only got to know about her worth when I heard about the SC decision in her favour in case of Muslims having right to adopt children.

Bad things

Nothing as such. Maybe sometimes you won’t have much work.



Biggest Lessons

Intern in your city in your I year. No point going to big cities when you know nothing about law. If one interns with an NGO in the I semester, that should be enough for one to “get into the grove” for the bigger and more challenging internships coming.


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