The 5th edition of this event is based on the premise of Information Technology Law and Constitutional Law. This competition is being organised and managed by the Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University.

The deadline for applying for the competition is February 18th and for the submission of memorials is March 15th, 2017. The competition is scheduled for March 25-26th, 2017.

The competition shall be open for 24 teams, to be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The entry fee for the same is Rs. 2500.

All the details including the moot proposition, rules, awards and the timeline can be found HERE.

For clarifications, drop a mail to



  1. Don’t ever go for this moot. Ask any team that went for this moot how they are going to boycott BHUs moot next year. The scoring team changed rules on their own whims. The second criteria was made into only winning margin of preliminary. (basically one judge better than other judge) and even if the margin criteria is accepted (which was changed after the competition had started) they did not specify margin limits to their judges and did not even consider aggregate margin scores. So basically what this resulted in is that one team who won the second prelim with a good margin but was a bad team qualified for quarters and my team which was at first with total team scores got eliminated. (because every judge marks differently, right?). Sad part is, that they don’t even accept their own errors but hide it through changing rules and not disclosing the score sheets until next rounds have started and finished and stuff. 18 teams out of 23 are banning them from their moot Court association for the said reasons. Do not ever go for this moot. You will regret it.


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