Internship Experience @ Anmol Rattan Sidhu, P & H High Court, Chandigarh: Great Learning Experience, Research and Drafting Work


Ashish Gupta

University Institute of Legal Studies, Chandigarh

Anmol Rattan Sidhu – Internship Experience

The smile on other’s face when they get to know that you have got an internship with one of the best of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Anmol Rattan Sidhu, was energetic to an intern.

But on entering his office one would at first get shocked than being energetic. The place was so disciplined that for a student like me, it was like being in a terrible situation. But this was the first sight experience.

Then we met the internship head, his son, Suvir Sidhu. He is such a nice person who makes you feel right at home. He was the one who kept a watch over us, gave us work, guided us and even answered the end number of questions we put to him.

At first he gave us some past solved cases, to read them, understand them and present them to any lawyer assigned to us.

This seems difficult but with the people present there, it was just child’s play. Everyone present there was so helpful and kind, a person would not say that they are lawyers of any kind.

Then we were given a past case again and we had to research it and then present it and if a person was not able to do his properly he would be guided by our interns head as to how a research is conducted on a case.

We were then given current cases, research on them and even draft the same and if we were correct in our approach the same drafting would then be taken to the court, which is indeed a mesmerizing experience.

We also had to go to the High Court each day at the beginning of the court and listen to the hearings and even coordinate with our superiors for the hearings as well, which sometimes put you under pressure.

Work timing were as our head used to say, come whenever you may and go whenever you go but need to get the work completed allotted to you. But usually intern came in at 8 and stayed there till 6 and if they want till 10.

And not to forget the tea guy there, never asked his name though but is a great person and his lemonade is just superb.

I would recommend each and every person for interning there because it’s a great experience and one learns so much with such a great ease which is no match to.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.


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