Allahabad University’s Margdarshan National Youth Parliament [MNYP, 28 – 29 Jan, Allahabad]: Registration Open


28th – 29th January.


University of Allahabad, Law Faculty.


The Margdarshan National Youth Parliament aims to build a nifty insight in the young minds for the legislation procedure of the country.

The Margdarshan National Youth Parliament strives its best to bring the finest of the moderators from all over the country and make this a nationally acknowledged platform where the meticulous students from nationwide can come and while contributing to the political know how of the country, they can enhance their public speaking skill, learn how to lobby and other abundant skills that will help them in the future.


Lok Sabha

Agenda: Women safety and Empowerment.

Rajya Sabha

Agenda: Deliberation on current Monetary Policy of NDA Government.

Stakeholder’s Meet: Specific

Crisis in India

Agenda: Transgender Inequalities and preventive Rights Under Indian Constitution

All India Political Parties Meet

Agenda: Reviewing the procedures for the appointment of constitutional and non constitutional Bodies.


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