Internship Experience @ Airport Authority of India, New Delhi: Friendly Atmosphere, Grew Intellectually


Divya Ann Samuel

Amity Law School, Noida (U.P)

3rd Year, BBA LLB(H), 2013-2018


I had interned in Airport Authority of India, New Delhi. It is located in Jor Bagh.

Duration of Internship

June 4, 2015 to July 3, 2015.

I interned when I was in third year. The internship is usually offered for one month.

How to reach there?

I stayed in Noida during the course of the internship. Despite this, reaching there was not an issue as I preferred travelling by Delhi Metro. This is the quickest mode of transport one could find in Delhi owing to the traffic jams here.

Airport Authority of India is located just outside the the Jor Bagh Metro station, on the Yellow line.

Getting out of Gate Number 2 from Jor bagh metro station would reduce the walk. Its just a 5 minutes walk from there.

One would just have to cross a petrol pump station to reach at the entry gate.

Ambiance: First Impression

The ambiance is impressive as there are lush green trees and gardens that you see. One would definitely feel close to nature as soon as you enter the area. There are dogs, peacocks and monkeys that you can easily spot once in a while.

Due to the canopy, the sky looks alluring and the temperature is also comparatively cooler. Even in the month of June, the scorching heat did not keep me from going to such a soothing place.

First Formalities

As soon as one enters, there are security persons to check you

As one moves in, it is necessary for one to have a ‘pass‘.

Getting a pass is not difficult besides the fact that as soon as you go to the head security person, you will be hurled with questions, for instance, the purpose of your visit, the authority you would want to visit and like.

You have to be confident enough to answer his questions. After getting a pass, you would be required to enter your details in a separate diary. This pass is valid for a day, i.e., you can enter and leave any time during the day with that ‘pass’.

However easy this sounds, I would advice you to get a permanent pass made. The security persons get a little on your nerves even if the law department head asks them to let you in.

For getting a permanent pass you will have to submit:

An application form (you can ask for it from any of the office people)

2-3 passport size photographs

A letter of internship from your college

A bona-fide certificate from your college

A photocopy of your college id.

Try to finish these formalities in the initial days as it is a government office and it takes really long for it to pass various departments and reach the security department.

First Impression

When I interned, the building was under construction. I had to walk through the saw dust.

The law department is small as there are many departments that are accommodated in just two to three buildings.

There are two Deputy General Managers (Law). There are four to five other subordinates to assist them.

I never had a chance to interact with any higher authorities as we mostly worked on files provides by DGM (Law).

Your first day might be a trendsetter and leave a huge impact on your bosses.

There will be many co-interns with you. Do not treat them as your competitors.

The amicable atmosphere of the office staff and the co interns will help you do better work and make it an interesting internship.

Working Experience-Kind of Work

The working hours: 10 am to 6 pm. However, you might come a little late to the office or going back early. In worst cases, you will be asked to give explanations.

The atmosphere is quite friendly otherwise. Also, taking a day’s leave wont be an issue unless it becomes a habit.

Depending upon your interest and efficiency, set a target of number of files for each day.  Try to achieve the target everyday. If you want, the work can be interesting and will add to your knowledge.

Everyday, usually after lunch, we used to have group discussions on various issues, ranging from Airport Authority Act to Arbitration Act to any current issue. These discussions with the DGM (Law) will help you only grow intellectually.

There were a few days when we took leave from the office and went shopping to ‘Sarojni’ as it was near. One could always visit Hauz Khas, Cannought Place and other popular places of Delhi as the connectivity via Metro is good.

We were given research topics on which we were asked to work in the last week of the internship. We were even provided with the feedback over the same.

Lunch time

You would get a plenty of time for lunch. Lunch is usually from 1 pm to 2 pm.

The canteens are very cheap and the food tastes good. There are two to three canteens. You can try each one. The best thing of our internship was the deserts these canteens used to offer.

If you have a sweet tooth then eating at these canteens are such a bliss! And there were many discussions we all had over lunch. Even if one wants to eat a lot, you can count on me, the cost won’t exceed Rs. 50/-.

How to apply?

Applying well in advance would help you reserve a spot. There are many who will apply and not everyone would be given the opportunity.

Mail them your resume with a covering letter to

It is advisable to check the Airport Authority’s website to know the latest GM(Law) and his mail id.

Lessons learnt

Never treat your work as a burden.

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