Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Surendra Pratap Singh, Kanpur: Nice learning environment which helps a Law student to grow


Ayush Srivastava


Adv. Surendra Pratap Singh, Kanpur Civil Court Compound, Kanpur

Application Process

There is no as such thing application process.

I directly went to him and asked for an internship.

After asking few questions related to the Indian Penal Code and Indian Evidence Act, and also going through my resume, he was ready to give me internship for a period of one month.


June 25th, 2015- July 25th, 2015

First Day

First impression of the district court is never good when you are coming after working at the High Court.

On the first day, I was just asked to read case files and go through the mediation case proceeding.

Infrastructure- there was a chamber. 2-3 associates of my mentor used to work there.

It was a little bit messed up, but things were good.

Main tasks

Main tasks were to read the case file and find the case precedent.

Go through the court process and get the dates from the advocates.

Sounds quite funny, but it was interesting.


Work environment was nice.

Everyone used to be serious about their work.

It was nice learning environment and it helps a Law student to grow.

Best things

Things were focused.

Different kind of case files including both civil and criminal matters.

Mentor and other associates were nice and taught me many new things.

Bad things

Chamber was small and there were too many people.

Cases were in Hindi.

Although it is our main language, it was difficult to understand because of pure Hindi words!


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

For me, the biggest lesson was to learn more Hindi words so that in future, I do not face any difficulty while interning in the District Court!


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