Internship Experience @ Abhay Nevagi & Associates, Pune: Formal Environment, Research Work, No Stipend

Name of the Organization, Location and Team Strength 

Abhay Nevagi & Associates, Near Kamla Nehru Park, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. Team Strength 40

Application Process and Contact Details

The internship application is available on the firm’s site and requires the applicant to fill in all the necessary details and write an essay on a topic of choice.

The application is then sent to the Human Resource Department.

The contact details of the firm are available on the site, E-mails can also be sent to the firms HR Department.

Duration of Internship and Office Timings

The period of internship is for a minimum of 4 weeks I began my internship on the 25th of May till the 25th of June.

First Impression, First Day Formalities and Infrastructure

On the first day we were introduced to the Head of the Human Resource Department and were assigned an Internship coordinator.

Our computers were configured and we were given an assignment.

The introductions were formal and the atmosphere at the office was professional.

Interaction was limited, the firm had a work oriented approach. It was a quiet first day.

Main Tasks

Most of the assignments were research related, I did learn about drafting petitions which was interesting. The Internship Coordinator assigned the various assignments to the interns.

The plus point was being able to scrape the surface of a wide variety of Acts enough to have a general idea of the same.

I was able to get an idea about The Electricity Act, The Food Safety and Standards Act, The Civil Procedure Code and many more.

Majority of the work was finding and  analyzing various cases and making notes about the judgments.

Writing for the firm’s newsletter was also interesting as it requires research and understanding of current judgments.

It is mandatory to prepare a presentation along with an article at the end of the internship.

The presentation is a primary task at the firm which continues throughout the period of the internship.

It is conducted in one of the conference rooms and most of the partners are present and ask questions related to the subject.

Work Environment and People 

The interaction between the interns and the partners is one of the plus points of the firm.

Any issues regarding assignments were answered by the person assigning the matter and explained thoroughly prior to beginning research.

Everyone is approachable and open to questions related to the work. A few of the partners are easy to talk to and also provide genuine advice in terms of research and drafting.

Best Things 

The Good part about the internship was the variety of Acts, laws and cases that an intern is made to research on which really helps you understand better.

The office has a wide variety of books to refer to during the research.

A few partners take an extra effort to explain in detail what they require so as to ensure that the intern researches correctly.

Bad Things

The assignments were relatively easy as they were mainly research related making them not very challenging. The work can get monotonous.

A few times the assignments given were ambiguous and resulted in slight confusion on the part of the interns.



Biggest Lessons

Drafting was one of the main things that I wished to concentrate on and was given the opportunity to draft a sample petition.

The changes and other requirements that I did not put into the petition were explained in detail and I was made to redo it a few times.

I learnt about a wide variety of laws, cases and recent judgments.

Anything else

FC road has many eateries as well as German Bakery and CCD on SB road so you can hang out there during the lunch break.


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