I was the envy of my 30-something friends in Palo Alto, Calif. I had my own law office right on California Avenue. People charged with crimes handed me cash, in advance, over a big oak desk. Occasionally, I’d make a couple of grand in an afternoon.

But soon, my body started giving out one part at a time. First a shoulder, then my lower back, knee cartilage, neck vertebrae. Two groin hernia surgeries later, at 33 years old, I could not lift a bag of groceries, or sit without an orthopedic pillow. After 10 years as a law student and lawyer, working in a profession I didn’t like was taking its toll.


I’ve been entertaining children now for almost two decades as a musician. No longer do I flash power-of-attorney to withdraw my $10,000 retainer from a jailed client’s bank account. I wear jeans, and don’t frequent Nordstrom. But most of the time, I like waking up in the morning.

The full story is HERE.

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  1. Anyone can burnout in ANY profession – even entertaining children wearing jeans. Life is all about balance – it’s just that you could do in in jeans and not in the lawyers suit.

    Lawyers perform extremely important social functions – perhaps more (if one could apply some sort of value to any activity) than entertaining children. The sanity of the World is partly dependent on the legal profession. Ask the millions of people who live normal lives (including entertaining children) due to the hard work of Lawyers….


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