The A38 Foundation of International Law and A CONTRARIO will be hosting a joint online legal symposium in April 2015, titled, The Rule of Law in addressing Violence against Children: Success or Failure?

About the Seminar

Violence against children has become an unfortunate trend worldwide.

Despite the growth of international instruments, national laws, and political pledges to protect children from harm, violence towards children continues to increase.

Recent examples include attacks by the Boko Haram against children, gun violence in schools, institutional child sex abuse, and the continued use of child soldiers in conflicts.

Given the severity of these kinds of situations, has the rule of law become a success or failure in protecting children against violence?

Is there a necessity for more legal regimes to protect children from violence or are the current laws enough? Are there examples of successful legal regimes in protecting children from violence?

Inspired by the recent people’ movement in the United Kingdom to end the impunity of perpetrators of child sex abuse, this online symposium seeks law articles which address these questions through the lens of either national or international law. Further the main aim of the symposium is to increase relevant and practical legal discourse on this important issue.

Submission Details

Authors are to submit a short bio and their articles by March 15, 2015.

Articles which are 1,500 words (including footnotes) or less should be submitted to A CONTRARIO ICL at with subject line “Symposium”.

Articles which are 3,000-10,000 words (including footnotes) should be submitted to A38 Online Law Journal at with subject line “Symposium”.

Eight papers will be selected (four in each group) for a live online presentation via Google+ Hangouts.

Full details are HERE.

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