9th Amity National Moot Court Competition

Amity National Moot Court Competition has successfully taken place for the last Eight years and this time Amity is hosting 9th Amity National Moot Court Competition, 2016.

We cordially invite all the law colleges in the territorial boundaries of India.


Amity Law School, Amity University, Lucknow Campus


Student pursuing 3 years or 5 years of LL.B.

Degree in the academic year 2015-16 from any recognized Law School/College/University in the territorial boundaries of India are eligible to participate.


February 26th to 28th, 2016


WINNER – Rs 12000 /-

RUNNER – Rs 8000 /-

BEST MOOTER – 3000 /-



The Institutions/teams should register themselves by sending an email to: amityals.lko@gmail.com as instructed on the website.


17th February, 2016.


Institutions/teams must send (via Courier/ Speed Post/ Registered Post) the filled in Registration Form, Travel Forms and 2 hard copies of prepared Memorials (Petitioner and Respondent) along with Demand Draft of Rs 3000/- (per team) in favor of Amity University Uttar Pradesh, payable at Lucknow latest by February 19th, 2016.

Address of the Venue

The Hard Copies of filled in Registration Form, Travel Plan, Demand Draft (DD) and each Memorials has to be sent at the following address:

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Shukla, Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Amity University, Mango Orchard Campus, Near Malhaur Railway Station, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow–226028 (Uttar Pradesh)

Contact Information

Devrishi Kumar: +91 9415334073 – Co-convener, devrishi.kumar@student.amity.edu

Soumaya Srivastava: +91 8948507285 – Co-convener, soumaya.srivastava1@student.amity.edu

Raj Deepak Chaudhary: +91 9044598148 – Convener, raj.chaudhary@student.amity.edu

For further enquiry e-mail us at: amityals.lko@gmail.com


For Brochure, click HERE.

For Moot Problem, click HERE.

For Rules and Regulations, click HERE.

For Travel Form, click HERE.

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  1. I am one of participating team in the 9th amity national moot court competition. lucknow. I could like to suggest that please do not keep a knockout in the quarter and semifinals as it is unfair for the participant, As the deserving teams could not qualify which are suppose to qualify due to their marks scored by the mooters. Rest i could like to say the core committee was always there with us when needed . Next time make sure u come up with a hot bench of judges rather than a cold bench.

  2. I am one of the coordinators from last year and I can tell you for sure there was no such manipulation or any kind of such comment .I personally think you are a spoil sport and a sore loser who lost to a team due his incompetency and can not stomach the fact because your fragile ego was crushed by a better team and I also think if you can not handle loss then you should probably change your professional stream as well its not meant for loser who don’t know how to get up once they fall after a single defeat.

  3. My team and I participated for the Amity Jaipur moot court competition last November. Kindly do not go for the same if you take mooting seriously and want a fair competition,

    1.The moot proposition itself was the same as that of another university a few years back. ( and they said they would cut marks for plagiarism-hypocritical much??)
    2. Bad coordination and organizing
    3. Our judges went missing during the prelims !! and finally we were given one person to judge us while all other court halls had at least two judges.
    4. When we questioned the coordinators regarding the same, we were told that it was all the discretion of the management.
    5. Few teams had their memo exchange the morning of the first prelims!!

    but yeah..amazing campus and Jaipur is a beautiful city! So cant complain too much.

    • As far as amity is concerned then it’s not true for all campuses of amity. I can’t say about jaipur but for lucknow campus all the above mentioned issues are not applicable.
      1. Competition is fair for all.
      2. Committee is well organised and there is not any lack of co ordination.
      So do visit this capmus. I am sure you will get to learn in competition if you take moot seriously.

      • You do not have to reply each and every bullshit under the sun your reputation will bring teams to you and these good for nothing people can only criticize others upon their failures

    • You are a big looser,YES The moot proposition itself was the same as that of another university a few years back but the year was changed (date of incident) the definition of gang rape was changed thus in substance problem was new and innovative, and your comment about plagiarism itself suggest the retarded development of your legal intellect because the person who had drafted the previous problem drafted problem for amity Jaipur and he was there all the time throughout the competition. I could not make it to the top 8 but I had the privilege to watch final round if you had just witnessed final round you wouldn’t have been legally retarded anymore.
      About your problem with not having another judge at first I think you are lying even if it is true then basically both the teams were judged by one judge marks would have been doubled ( I rationally presume) my legally retarded friend you cannot generalize any thing this way

  4. Okay, I went to this moot court last year, despite the innumerable warnings posted by the people on last year’s invite. Please check those out if you’re considering this. They are very well founded, and we saw innumerable instances of blatant manipulation by the organisers. The coordinator, to one of the team’s grievances, had replied, “This is Amity, rules change.” I implore you to not make the mistake we did, and abstain from taking up this moot.

    • Every good thing comes with some bad quality. This year lucknow campus is going to organise national moot court competition for 9th time. So you can understand that they are more polished this time. May be you felt some fault at organising level and at the same time you must be knowing that every year one batch passes out.This time there has been numerous changes in the organising committee so that we can make this competition fair,serious and memorable for participants.


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