5th CNLU Parliamentary Debate Competition, 2013 (Feb 8-10)

The Cultural and Debating Society of CNLU Patna will be conducting the 5th CNLU Parliamentary Debate Competition, 2013 from Feb 8th-10th, 2013.

Format:  Keeping up with the CNLU tradition in the past four events, this tournament too shall be based on 3 on 3 Asian Format of Debate. The format we most know. And we most enjoy!

This is a semi-open tournament. This means that individuals from different institutions may form a team and participate but they must necessarily be currently pursuing an undergraduate course.

Team Cap:  At present, an institution can send maximum 4 teams, with every team complying with the N+1 adjudicator rule.

However, the number of teams per institution can be increased after the first phase of registration gets over. We shall keep you updated upon the progress.

Prize Money: We acknowledge and understand the fact that it is perhaps the most controversial issue on the debating circuit and hence, shall make complete effort to ensure that it is both substantial and timely paid to the winning teams. As of now, the overall prize money stands at Rs. 60, 000. We shall keep you posted in the event of any changes made in this regard!

Certificates shall be issued to all the participants.

Adjudication panel: It is rest assured that the most talented adjudicators from the national debating circuit shall constitute the adjudicating panel. The details regarding the adjudication core shall be announced shortly.

Registration: The registration fee per team shall be Rs.400. There shall be a minimal accommodation charges upon the teams. All these expenses shall be inclusive of accommodation for 3 days, 3 meals a day and of course, entry to an insane break-night party!

Registration for the tournament is now open. See this link.  

In case you seek further information or have nay doubts, do visit this site www.jeevatva.com. We shall also keep you updated on our Facebook page is here.

We request you to register at the earliest in order to allow us to make the necessary arrangements in advance, especially with regard to accommodation.

We promise you an awesome debating experience and great hospitality.

Hope to see you this February in the Land of Chanakya!

(information copied from email).


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