The Participant’s those have been selected are as follows  :-

1.  Rajwardhan Singh (Dr. Ambedkar Govt. Law College Department of Legal Studies)

2.  Rajesh Kumar Kalubhai
(Jorhat Law College , Assam)

3.  Debashreeta Purohit
(Indore Institute of Law , Indore)

3rd Lexhindustan Essay Competition 2015


India Needs a Uniform Civil Code


Undergraduate 5 year law students


1. The eassy should not exceed 3000 words inclusive of foot notes

2. The eassy contain an abstract not exceeding 200 words

3. The easy should be type written in Legal size paper in the following format

Font Size

1. main text – 14

2. Foot Note – 10

3. Font – Times New Roman



Every entry must contain the following details of the participants

1. Title of the essay

2. Name of the participants

3. Semester

4. Institution/University/college

5. Joint authorship is allowed (maximum 2)

All the entries must be sent to


Last date for the submission is 18th November, 2015.


1st 5000 Rs

2nd 3000 Rs

3rd 1000 Rs



  1. Same problem ..I haven’t received any reply ….from ur website ….we hav submitted essay under co-authorship…we haven’t received any message….yet today,…

  2. i havent received any reply from the aforesaid organisers albeit i have already sent my essay and abstract with all the required information.
    law octopus shall certify the authenticity of events before posting them.

  3. Is this thing authentic and real, since there is no available imformation on the 1st or 2nd edition of this competition and there is no such thing called Lexhindustan !?


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