The Newsletter Committee of UPES School of Law invites entries for two competitions:

1. Legal News in Short

2. Law Op-Ed

For Legal News in Short, sum-up recent news relating to law in your own words. Just keep it short (100- 150 words), factual and to the point.

For Law Op-Ed, be bold and give your thoughtful opinions on the recent social, economic, political and global issues with the pinch of your personalized legal opinion. Word limit (800 – 1000 words)

Any student pursuing any graduation course and above can participate.

Co-authorship entries will be accepted.

Prizes worth Rs. 20,000.

Merit certificate and participation certification shall be awarded to winners and participants respectively

Send in your entries to 

Subject of the mail should be Legal News in short or Law Op-Ed by October 30, 2017.

For more details click on this link here.



  1. On the basis of the pattern of questions received, here are a few clarifications:

    1. There is a bar on multiple entries (whether as author or co-author notwithstanding), under the same submission head (Legal News in Short or Law Op-Ed).

    2. A student may submit their best entry for Legal News in Short and/or Law Op-Ed.

    3. For the ‘Legal News in Short’ section it is just one legal incident, presented as precisely and coherently as possible.

    4. Footnotes are not necessary in either of ‘Legal News in Short’ or ‘Law Op-Ed’.

    5. It is imperative that the submissions are accompanied with an appropriate title or heading.

    6. Kindly provide your name, course details and contact details in the body of the email while submitting your entry.

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