Internship Experience @ P&A Law Offices, Delhi: Eye-Opening, Challenging Experience

Name, College, Year

Aavieral Malik, B.A.LL.B. from Dr.Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow, Fourth Year.


Pathak and Associates, 1st Floor, Dr Gopal Das Bhavan, Connaught Lane, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, 110001.

Application Process

I had the fortune of bagging this internship via the Internship and Placement Committee of our college, but alternatively, one can also apply for an internship, mentioning the Curriculum Vitae, the Cover Letter and the team under which they are interested to work, at this I.D.-

It is also important to note that the firm only accepts the internship applications from the the fourth and the fifth year students.

I applied for the internship in the month of April and got it for the month of May, since there was an immediate requirement of interns, as to what was intimated to us via the Internship Committee of our college.

Duration and Timings

The tenure of my internship ranged from (07th of May,2018- 01st of June,2018), for a period of Four Weeks.

The reporting time for the interns was 10 A.M. on the nose, but there were certain days when I left post mid night, so i had the permission to come a little late on the next day.

As regards to the departing, frankly speaking, there was none, since the workload was too much. I can’t recall a day when i left prior to 8 in the night. And there was a period of four days when all the intern were made to stay there till 3 A.M. in the night due to the filing of a case in the London Court of International Arbitration. On the upside, i didn’t mind it much since the work involved kept me on my toes and was very challenging.

First day Impression, Formalities, Infrastructure

My first day impression couldn’t be better. I reported at the office at 09:30 A.M. There office occupies the entire first floor of Dr. Gopal Das Bhavan Building and is manned by a guard sitting outside. After entering my name and my reporting time in the register, I was escorted by the receptionist inside to the the place where the interns sat, and within a little while was assigned work to do.

Coming to the formalities, one is neither allowed to carry their laptops, now their bags inside, due to the stringent confidentiality regulations of the firm, and neither is an intern allowed to carry any document whatsoever outside, which is the property of the firm. Further, we are assigned our desktops, wherein we get work transferred to our folders by the person who gives a task to us. E-Mailing of work inside the firm is strictly prohibited.

Within a day or two the, H.R. of the firm gives us a detailed briefing as regards the work and the protocols which are to adhered to during the internship.

Main Tasks

I opted for the disputes team, since the firm is known for it, so the nature of the work which I got varied to making of case briefs, in-depth research on varied laws such as Arbitration, Contracts, Negotiable Instruments Act, and the like. Some times, I also did Due Diligence, arranging of files, proof reading of documents, reviewing contract clauses in an agreement.

There was also the filing of a big Arbitration matter in the London Court of Arbitration, which I mentioned earlier, so all the interns were roped in to research and work on that, which was very interesting. Unfortunately the interns didn’t get any drafting work, since due to the hectic and demanding schedule of the associates and other senior members, they didn’t have the time to explain first and then check our work later.

The thing which I liked the most about the work, was that I given the work which I wanted, in the sense that since I like research based work, so during most part of my internship, I got that work pertaining to a plethora of laws. Since I was interning in the month of May, so the courts were closed for the good part of the month, and therefore I couldn’t get a chance to visit them.

Work Environment and people

The work environment there was really charged. I never remember a moment when I took a breather. There was a lot of work, and the interns were called on Saturdays too. But yes, the associates, senior associates and even the principal associates and the partner were extremely friendly and supportive in the sense that they explained whatever work they delegated in great detail and didn’t blow their lid if an intern had a query about the same, again.

The staff including the Court Clerks and also pantry boys were very interactive, and went out of their way to help you, as and when you needed their help. There were many times, when someone or the other ordered some good food, so all the interns would get a treat now and then.

Best things

There would be no qualms or problems which an intern would/could face if it came to food. There is a pantry also in the firm with a dedicated Coffee and Tea Machine, where one could go to have tea, hot chocolate, coffee, biscuits, and bread. Also, there are a lot of food and juice joints in the vicinity of the firm. Moreover, since the firm is just alongside Connaught Place, therefore you can’t wish for a better location of the firm there is.

One also has the option of ordering tiffin after taking the number from them, which costs around 70 bucks. Lastly, the firm also has a policy of reimbursing for the travel and food, if an intern stays beyond 10 P.M. and also, for the female interns, they have a tie up with a cab service which can take them to their home.

Bad things

I personally couldn’t find anything worth complaining about, but yes, one thing is which one can find off putting is the enormous workload and dearth of work life balance, since there were occasions when i had to stay there post 12. On a personal note, I didn’t find any problem with that since I was getting to learn, but this might be tad irksome to others.


The best thing is of course the hefty stipend which an intern gets at the end of the month, it being 10 Thousand. However it is pertinent to mention that, the internship certificate and the check of the stipend are not handed over immediately and are sent via post after tentatively a week or so.

Biggest lessons

This internship was an eye opener for me as to how challenging and demanding the life of a lawyer can be, apart from broadening my horizon.



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