Lawctopus is the website for law students. 🙂

And we are now creating NoticeBard, a would-be the website for students of all streams.

And to create that we are hiring Content Managers aka Opportunity Hounds.

Skills/traits/attitude-sets required:
  • Are you an expert Googler who can find interesting events and opportunities for students in India?
  • Does the very idea of finding an interesting event or opportunity excite you? (Oh, so many people will benefit from this!).
  • Can you spare 2 hours a day, Monday to Sunday (with rare vacations during exams)?
  • Are you good with formatting content and comfortable with writing/reading online?

If yes, then do apply for the position of a Content Manager at NoticeBard! Lets create a world (a website actually) that is full of opportunities!

The last date to apply is October 31. 

This is a part-time job meant for students and has a healthy stipend attached to it. 🙂

Our content managers in the past have earned between Rs. 2000-11,000/month.

To apply, please fill the form here.

After applying, you’ll be sent a test task on November 1. The tast task will last for about a week.


This post was first published on: March 21, 2017

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


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