Like every year, even though Spiritus is considered done with and behind our backs, it isn’t truly complete without the annual Sports Law Essay competition!

Please find below the guidelines and prizes for the competition:

1. Participants can write on any one of the following essay topics:

(a) Should the BCCI be subject to the RTI Act?

(b) Should sports betting and gambling be legal in India?

(c) Should there be a standalone criminal offence of match manipulation?

2. The prize structure will be as below:

First Place: Rs.7500
Second Place: Rs. 5000
Third Place: Rs. 2500

3. First Place winners will additionally be offered the opportunity to intern at the Sports Law and Policy Centre in Bengaluru.

4. The word limit is 4,000 words (inclusive of footnotes)

5. Maximum of 2 authors per entry

6. The deadline for submissions is 11:59PM of November 22nd

7. All submissions must be sent to

NLSIU Sports Committee, 2018-19.


NLSIU Sports Law Essay Competition 2018

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