Internship Experience @ Leges Juris Associates, New Delhi: Court visits; Learnt a lot about Litigation

Name , College, Year

Gauri Bharti, 2nd year BA LLB, Jindal Global Law School.

Organization Details

Leges Juris Associates, Advocates & Solicitors, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Partners: Advocate Prachi Singh, Advocate V.K. Singh


Application Process

I got this internship through the application procedure. You can e-mail your CV at


4 Weeks, (2 January- 28th January).

First Day, Formalities, Tasks

I was greeted at the reception and then I met one of the associates of the firm, Adv. Manogya Singh. She quickly briefed me on everything and asked me to research on the basic court procedure for filing a civil suit in India.

If you happen to intern at Leges Juris, you will get a fair idea of what will be required from you on the very first day itself and you will be given work on the same day too.

Main tasks

Barring 3-4 days, I went to the Court almost every single day, through the course of my internship. I visited the District courts and also the High Court twice and I also went to the Central Administrative Tribunal.

In the Courts, I got to observe examinations-in-chief, cross-examinations, final arguments and other proceedings too. I was taught how to inspect a file on judicial record.

Both the partners of the firm, Adv. V.K.Singh and Adv. Prachi Singh file cases under the Employees’ State Insurance Act, so a lot of the cases in the court were related to the same.

My main tasks in the office included drafting petitions, complaints, researching on case laws for ongoing cases and I also worked on preparing arguments. I also read the ESI Act.

Work Environment & Team

The work environment and team at the firm were great. Not only the Associates but also both the partners of the firm were willing to teach me with a lot of enthusiasm which made my internship experience even more amazing.

With regards to supervision, everyone at the firm was very helpful and patient and I never had to hesitate to ask the same question more than once.

Through my internship experience, I got to learn not only about the practical application of the law in general but also a lot about litigation.

I would strongly recommend any law student to intern at Leges Juris Associates who has the thirst for knowledge.





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