Company Name

Legal Resolved, Gurgaon

Name of the Recruiter

Neha Gupta, HR Manager

Application Procedure


Location for which being hired





Rs. 1.5 – 2.5 LPA

Job Description

  • Designation: Legal Analyst
  • Must proficient in English.
  • Help in legal matters & queries
  • In house responses and others
  • Area of expertise- Divorce and other civil matters

Job Type


Required Experience

0-1 years

Application Procedure

Stage – 1: Telephonic interview

Stage – 2: F2F Interview

Legal Resolved is committed to providing online free and paid legal help to resolve legal issues by providing consultation and opinion to people whose rights are infringed or require legal assistance in respect of various legal matters. It provides a channel to get connected with the experienced lawyers in District Courts, High Courts, Supreme Court and various other Tribunals. The Company’s endeavor has been to be proactive and exceed client’s expectation. Our vision is to provide an online legal platform in the legal industry for effortless, cost-effective, high-quality services to our clients and provide them with pragmatic and qualitative solutions at affordable price.

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