LawSikho’s Contract Drafting Course: Applications Open

Do you know how to draft a deed of hypothecation? In fact, do you know what a deed of hypothecation is?

Do you have a definitive checklist for drafting a contract?

Do you know the effective formatting techniques for a contract or the relevance of each of the clauses?

I always struggled with contract drafting in my initial years as a litigation lawyer. I could draft an application or petition with much ease, but when it came to drafting a contract, I was confounded. The reason was simply lack of hands-on experience!

I did know the basic boilerplate clauses, but each client came with specific needs. It was difficult for me to know which necessary clauses or language I should provide for in the contract! Imagine being a lawyer and a client coming to you for your expert advice. You have the advice ready, but you are unable to implement it. All because your day-to-day work does not give you enough room to build the required skill-set.

You keep putting off learning how to draft a contract for reasons like lack of time, lack of knowledge or that you have college assignments or clients waiting! But you know deep down, all these are manageable things. You can plan your day and set aside time to learn new skills and contract drafting. But you just don’t know how to effectively do it.

You can mull over the books and materials. But unless you understand the nuances, practice the skill, and get relevant feedback, you know it cannot work effectively.

We at LawSikho understand the pressure you’re under: the time constraints, the constraints of an active professional or student life. Therefore, we bring you the Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, which covers the practical aspects of advanced contract drafting, its negotiation and dispute resolution arising out of it, so that you can master these crucial skills.

What do you learn?

This course will help you master the skills required to draft contracts with ease and efficiency. You will learn the practical aspects of a contract, how to meet the client requirements and safeguard their interests to the best of your abilities. The course has been designed by the industry experts who have had hands-on experience and know all that you must know about contract drafting. Some of the broad things you learn in the course are:

  • Understanding client expectations, where these are likely to be not met, what you could differently;
  • Understanding the anatomy of a contract, relevance of each of the clauses, their construction and drafting and variations;
  • Step by step process to finalise a contract with a client, systems which can be implemented to ensure consistently outstanding contracts;
  • How to ensure completion of legal formalities such as registration, stamping and attestation as may be required to make a contract legally binding;
  • Detailed analysis of more than 90 different contracts belonging to more than 8 different sectors;
  • Enforcement of contracts and dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • More than 100 micro exercises which will train your thought processes to be able to apply the knowledge secured in this course to real life situation
Course Content:

MODULE 1: Orientation and Tools For Effective Contract Drafting

MODULE 2: Creation and Execution of Commercial Contracts

MODULE 3: Operative Clauses of a Contract

MODULE 4: How to draft risk mitigation and boilerplate clauses

MODULE 5: Contract Breach and Consequences

MODULE 6: Contract Negotiation

MODULE 7: General Contracts

MODULE 8: Commercial Agreements

MODULE 9: Corporate Contracts

MODULE 10: Lending and Security Documents

MODULE 11: Intellectual Property Agreements

MODULE 12: Introduction to technology contracts

MODULE 13: Common Internet and technology contracts

MODULE 14: E-Commerce Contracts

MODULE 15: Contract-Related Documents & Post Contractual Matters

MODULE 16: Dispute Resolution, Enforcement and Litigation Strategy

Who Have Made This Course?

This course is designed and highly recommended by industry professionals that know the workings of the sector inside out

  • Abhyuday Agarwal, COO and Co-Founder, iPleaders
  • Amartya Bag, Counsel, Legal, Corporate Strategy, SREI Group
  • Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO and Co-Founder, iPleaders
How Will This Course Help Me?

The knowledge of contract drafting is crucial for any law student and lawyer. They need to be able to draft the very basis of business relationship between two or more parties.The skills of drafting contracts, negotiation and resolution of disputes related to them will go a long way for you professionally.

Contract drafting is not limited to lawyers alone. Most people enter into contracts on a day-to-day basis, while purchasing goods, engaging services, etc. From Chartered Accountants to business owners, and customers, everyone is affected by contracts. They need to understand the implications of certain transactions and their potential impact. So they need a functioning knowledge of contract drafting, negotiations and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Key Features Of This Course:

We try to bridge the gap where traditional or e-learning falls short. You get a thoroughly curated curriculum along with reading materials, video sessions, self-assessment quizzes, weekly exercises and regular feedback sessions. This helps you build a knowledge base in a variety of contracts, their drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution. We help you develop your skills in this area with constant exercises and regular feedback.

You get doubt-clearing sessions in 24-48 hours, access to course content for 2 years, live online concept classes and feedback sessions on assignments and exercises, access to the course on your mobile phones, be it android or iOS, exclusive access to the network at the LawSikho community and more!

What do you need to do?

This is a self-paced course. We recommend 4 hours per week study time, i.e., less than one hour per day. You need to set aside less than an hour per day to be able to learn the crucial skill sets, at your own pace! You learn to train your thought process to apply the knowledge learnt in the course in your real-life situations.

Last Date To Enroll For The Course: Apply by 31st August, 2018

Duration: 1 Year

Course Fee: INR 20,000 plus GST

Seats: 20 (Limited Seats)
Where To Enroll For The Course?

To enroll for this course, click here.

Contact Details:

For any of queries, please email us at or schedule a career counselling session by calling 011-39595032.

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