Internship Experience @ Eshwars, Chennai: Research Work on Corporate Law and IPR

Name, college, year

L. Hirendhar, Dr. Ambedkar Law University School Of Excellence In Law

Name of the organisation and address

Eshwars | House Of Corporate & IPR Laws,
#4 “Aishwarya”, 12B / 177, 6th Street, Kumaran Colony,
Vadapalani, Chennai – 600026, India.

Duration of the Internship

13th June- 06th July

First impression, infrastructure

There are two offices present at close proximity. One office consists consists of lawyers who work in IPR and the other office deals with all corporate matters. I was asked to report the office at sharp 9.00 AM and I reached the office on time.

I was asked to wait and then I was introduced to all the associates and my co interns. All of them were very humble and friendly.

Main tasks

This law firm deals extensively with diverse areas of IPR and corporate laws such as trademark filing, IP related cases, Formation of Companies, Compliance Management to Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Reorganisation and Reconstruction,Winding-up, etc.

The work which we were assigned were mostly research based. After completing the work, a senior associate would come and check our work. If the work is wrong,he would teach us the right way and would help us till we complete our work.

Work environment and people

Outstanding work environment, all associates are very nice. The associates are very helpful and easy to approach. During lunch, all the associates and interns would sit together and share their food and have a joyous conversation.The work environment is so perfect that you wont divert during research work.


Since most of the work allotted was research based, one can enhance their research skill pretty well in this one month. During the last day of my internship, Mr. Eshwar Sir and Mr. Sai Sunder Sir gathered all the associates in the conference room and asked about my experience. Eshwar sir had closely studied each of work and gave advice on which field we should excel in.


There is nothing bad about this internship, this was overall a great experience.



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