We are looking for young, energetic and diligent interns who are proficient in basic legal research, drafting and are possessed with a good understanding of Intellectual Property Rights, especially having an understanding of Copyright Laws.


Candidates who have passed out in ’17 or are either in the 5th year of 5 year LLB or in the 3rd year of 3 year LLB.

Nature of Internship 

The internship will be part of an assessment internship.


Timing: 9:45 am till 8:00 pm.




E-23, Third Floor, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi – 110014

Application Procedure


Application Deadline

4:00 pm, 8th October, 2017


  1. Replace ‘opportunity’ with ‘free labour’. It’s only a requirement and not an opportunity. Some lawyers are shameless enough to say that the time they devote in teaching is the stipend an intern deserves. After teaching once, work done by an intern helps lawyers earn or at least lessens their work load to some extent. So the time a lawyer ‘wastes’ in teaching an intern is gained back. It is just heartless and inhuman to not pay the intern for the amount of efforts put in by him or her in internship. The basic purpose of interning is learning but while interning this purpose gets diluted and every sincere intern just works towards lightening the work load of his/her boss and pleasing them. For some people it might not be a big issue. To be honest, a meagre amount can hardly cover your expenses. But it is still of use. Efforts needs to be recognised. This mentality should not be allowed to exist. Just because you are an intern, you are no less than an advocate in terms of dignity and respect. Respect yourself.

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