Internship Opportunity @ ClassIQ Educational Foundation, Kolkata: Applications Open

ClassIQ Educational Foundation is a non government foundation wholly and solely working with an aim of betterment and upgradation of society.

With the advent of NEW YEAR 2018 we are launching our new initiative of legal awareness amongst the lower strata of society and there by we plan to conduct various camps and workshops where we educate each one with their respective rights and duties as an individual.

Students or any enthusiasts who wants to work for the betterment of society please feel free to contact us at and send us a write up about your perception of change and what do you plan to do for the betterment of society.

Exceptional good grades is not a requirement here on the contrary we are looking forward to meet someone with a vision of a better tomorrow.

Feel free to drop a message in the aforementioned mail.

The camps will be held in and around Calcutta only.


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