About the organiser

Centre for Economy, Development and Law (CED&L) is an inter-disciplinary centre established under Government Law College, Thrissur, Kerala.

Theme of the program

The Law Making and Legal Interpretation across the globe has undergone a serious change that no more a lawyer or legal researcher could overlook the wave of interest in empirical evidences, both quantitative and qualitative.

Whether the current research programmes in law schools and colleges in India has taken cognizance of this paradigm shift in a proportionate sense is doubtful. In this wake, CED&L is undertaking initiatives to conduct a workshop series in research methodology in the coming years.

The Centre is organising its second programme in the work-shop series – Five Day Training in Quantitative Methods for Lawyers and Legal Researchers.

Keeping “statistics” largely on focus, intense and comprehensive training will be imparted. The training will have lecture sessions as well as practical training sessions.

The following topics shall be covered by expert statisticians and economists, resorting more to legal and social examples:

  1. Descriptive Statistics
  2. Statistical Inference for Two Proportions
  3. Comparing Multiple Proportions
  4. Comparing Means
  5. Combining Evidence across Independent Strata
  6. Sampling  Issues
  7. Non-parametric Methods
  8. Regression Models
  9. More Complex Regression Models
  10. SPSS Training

The organiser: Centre for Economy, Development and Law (CED&L), Government Law College, Thrissur, Kerala.

Visit: www.cedl.ac.in

Date: December 16th-20th, 2017

Contact: cedl@cedl.ac.in

Register for the course here.

This post was first published on: November 30, 2017

Centre for Economy, Development and Law (CED&L) is a think-tank working under the Governmnet Law College, Thrissur, Kerala. Visit us here: www.cedl.ac.in

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