CfP: Int. Conf. on Emerging Issues & Challenges in Air & Space Law @ Saveetha School of Law, Chennai [Oct 26]: Submit by Oct 5

About Saveetha School of Law

Saveetha School of Law (SSL) is known for promoting quality legal education with global standard. SSL as determined to mould the inherent talent of youngsters by encouraging the students and providing them the best of academic resources and facilities organize various activities like Seminar, Workshops, guest lectures, moot and mock trial and conferences (National and International). The current conference is to introduce awareness on the emerging jurisprudence of Air and Space.

The conference is scheduled to be held from 26 – 27 October, 2018.

Objectives of the Workshop

Air and Space Law encompasses National and International Law governing activities in Outer Space. The primary goal of this Conference is to provide a platform to exhibit emerging issues and challenges in air and space law and also intend to bring eminent Academicians, Researchers, Lawyers, Scientists, Engineers and Students to share their Knowledge. This will help in bringing out the innovative ideas and research outputs of the legal and technical aspects of conference theme.

Why Air and Space Law

One of the fundamental questions is where Outer Space begins? This topic has been debated since several decades, and however there is no firm answer, in-spite of various approaches and theories that exists. With the advent of Air and Space tourism the time may soon approach where legal professionals need to demarcate a boundary between Air and Outer Space. 

This conference is therefore not only a forum for legal studies but also for Researchers, Scientists and Engineers to exchange their knowledge and experiences. Further the conference envisage to act as an educational channels for students and others who would like to learn more about recent trends in Air and Space Laws.

Sub Themes

International Air Law

  1. Air law:  the genesis
  2. Air and Space law: the delimitation issues
  3. Air Law: from Chicago Convention and post-Chicago developments
  4. Aviation pollution: Impact on Environment
  5. Aviation industry
  6. Aviation security and Airport Security Measures: need for reforms
  7. Unlawful interference in International Civil Aviation: responsibility and liability issues
  8. Aviation law in India
  9. Air law and economic developments
  10. Product liability in Aviation
  11. Other related topics

International Space Law

  1. Space law in 21st century
  2. Jurisdiction in Outer Space
  3. International space law regime and protection of environment
  4. Space law : Sovereignty issues
  5. Outer Space: Commercialization and privatization issues
  6. Outer Space Debris: law, control and mitigation
  7. Geostationary Orbit: Legal protection of rights of developing countries
  8. Remote Sensing Satellites: legal issues and challenges
  9. Outer Space and IPR regime
  10. Space Tourism: Future prospects
  11. UN and Outer Space law
Submission Guidelines

Paper Submission will be managed online through:

  • The full manuscript must be submitted in MS Word not as PDF.
  • Paper length must be maximum of seven pages including figures, tables, references and appendices.
  • All Papers submitted in the conference will undergo a rigorous and peer review process.
  • Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.   
  • Papers received after deadline will not be published in the conference proceedings.
Registration Details
  • Academicians & Industry: Rs.2500/-
  • Research scholars: Rs.2000/-
  • Students: Rs.1500/- (For Paper Presentation), 300/- (For participation without presentation)

For Registration and Payments details, refer to brochure below.

Important Dates
  • Abstract submission deadline: 5th October, 2018
  • Notification of Acceptance: 10th October, 2018
  • Full Paper Submission: 15th October, 2018
Award and Certificate

The paper presenters shall be given a certificate of participation. The accepted papers shall be published in Scopus Indexed journals, subject to accepting criteria.



  • Dr. Annamaneni Sreelatha: +91 7396664802
  • Ms. Aswathy Rajan: +91 9949564411
Student Coordionators

B Leelesh Sundaram: +91 9092289877

For official brochure, click here.



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