Call for Papers: Journal of Intellectual Property and Competition Law [JIPCL, December]: Submit by Nov 5


Journal of Intellectual Property & Competition Law (JIPCL) is an independent quarterly law journal published under the aegis of Agradoot Web Technologies LLP. The journal seeks to publish articles and papers concerning Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law.

Intellectual Property Law is at the center for innovation and economic growth/development of any country and it stabilizes and provides an effective incentive for inventors to promote and actively participate in economic development and nation-building through scientific contributions.

Competition Law, often understood to be contrary to Intellectual Property over the issue of monopolies or as we may call them legal monopolistic trends of a possible abuse of fair competitive practices prevalent in the Free Market actually work in tandem with IP owing to the objectives that both laws seek to achieve viz. Free Market Prevalence, Consumer Protection and Economic Development.

Members of the Advisory Council

1. Adv. Arvind Datar, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court

2. Dr. Ranbir Singh, Vice-Chancellor, NLU Delhi

3. Dr. R. Venkata Rao, Vice-Chancellor, NLSIU Bangalore

4. Dr. Balram Gupta, Director, Chandigarh Judicial Academy

5. Dr. Geeta Gouri, Former Member, CCI

6. Dr. Mohan Dewan, Principal, R. K. Dewan & Co

7. Dr. Vivekanand, Dean, School of Law, Bennett University

8. Smt. Swapna Sundar, CEO, IP Dome

9. Dr. N. Sreenivasulu, Professor, NUJS Kolkata

JIPCL calls for papers for the First Edition of the Journal to be released in the month of December 2017.

Guidelines for Submission

1. All submissions are to be made to with a Word Document attached containing the Final Paper

2. The paper must be of the nature of a Case Comment or Article or Research Paper

3. The word limit is 5000 words inclusive of footnotes and references/bibliography

4. The paper must conform to the following formatting guidelines

Title of the Paper – Times New Roman Size 16 Bold

Sub-Title  Times New Roman Size 14

Heading 1 – Times New Roman Size 12 Bold

Heading 2 – Times New Roman Size 12 Underlined

Heading 3 – Times New Roman Size 12 Italics

5. The submission must be accompanied with the details of the author (Name, Email, Phone & College/Affiliation) mentioned in the Body of the Email.


Submission must be made with the Subject of the Email ‘Submission: Edition I JIPCL’ The paper must be submitted on or before November 5, 2017 for publication.

The paper shall be evaluated by the Peer-Reviewers post-which the Expert Reviewers shall take a final call on the List of Paper selected.


For any queries, you may contact

Editorial Board, JIPCL


Phone: +91-8074712527


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