Core Team

tanuj kalia, nujs kolkata, lawctopus

Tanuj Kalia: Founder, CEO and Publishing Editor

Tanuj, an alumnus of NUJS, Kolkata (2008-13) started Lawctous after Chicken Pox left him in bed. He is the prize winning blogger LegalPoet and worked at as the VP, Marketing for 6 months before deciding to work on Lawctopus full-time. His book ‘Law as a Career‘ has been published by LexisNexis.

He can be reached on Facebook here, on Linkedin here.

Usha Romesh: Head, Content, and Operations

Usha started off as a software engineer in a top IT company in India and transitioned into the field of online marketing. She has an MBA degree from ICFAI and a certification in digital marketing from NMIMS. She also hold Hubspot Inbound and Content Marketing certifications.

Co-founders: now old and retired 🙂

Prateek Bhandari, Dhruv Mairal, Debanshu Khettry and Naman Gupta, all from the 2008-13 batch of NUJS Kolkata, were instrumental in the making of Lawctopus. They continue being well-wishers of the web-site but are no longer actively working on it.